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Showcase your book collection with style and sophistication by choosing one of our stunning slim bookcases.  Available in a range of finishes such as oak and walnut, these beautiful bookcases will make the perfect addition to any home.  We hold a fantastic selection of traditional or contemporary styles so all you have to do is choose! Looking to complete the look?  Then why not add a matching coffee table or TV cabinet and revamp your room with a little help from us.

How To Choose The Right Bookcase

When choosing larger pieces of furniture such as sofas, recliner chairs or dining tables and chairs, you know what you’re looking for, but when it comes to smaller pieces, such as bookcases, many rush in without considering the impact on your room, so with that in mind, we’re here to advise on the potential pitfalls, to ensure you maximise the space you’ve got.


The first thing to determine when choosing a bookcase is its purpose. Now that may seem like an obvious statement, but stay with me on this, as in reality it can make all the difference. If space is tight but your books need a home, then a slim bookcase could be just the ticket. However, if you have a book collection that would rival the British Library, or you would like it to double up as a display cabinet, then naturally you’d require something larger.


This is where the fun begins. With so many variations of the traditional bookcase, the world is your oyster when it comes to style. From narrow bookcases and open units, to the ultra modern ladder shelves, whatever your style, there’s a bookcase for you.


This is when you consider your surroundings. If you love the open units but have little legs, or paws in tow that might view it as a new climbing frame, then perhaps it might not be the best choice for now. Instead, why not consider one of the slim bookcases for a less intrusive obstacle, you never know, they might not even notice!.